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My wife nor I have been in the Twin Falls, Id. location in about a year. The only reason I am waiting until now to write this is because I received an e mail offering me FREE 6 piece wings.

Last time we were there was on boneless Thursday. The wings were hard and very crunchy, not soft and crispy, like they had been sitting , under a heat lamp for a while. This location went from good food to bad after it changed back from independent to corporate ran. The managers, bartenders and waitstaff left soon after. What does that say about people and a city, at last census, is 44,125 people? *** I used to have them save seats for 25 to 30 people, who were traveling to Twin Falls for little league baseball. Not now, not now at all.

We did say something to our server, and the manager did credit us, but the experience turned us away, from going back. Put it this way at one time, before I got married, I was known to spend up to 12 hours a day at the Twin Falls location. Watching games all day and interacting with all the managers and waitstaff I had grown to know. Oh and I do have a loyalty account, which now has a zero balance. If you have a way to look up everything since I got the loyalty card, you will see what I say is true.

Thank you,

Greg Winkler



Product or Service Mentioned: Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken Wings.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Pros: Sauces.

Buffalo Wild Wings Cons: Service or food.

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