Online riding for this company is stupid! I order my food easy.

Honestly a great app but getting the order was the worst part. We got there 10 minutes later than expected because last time I went on the time expected it wasn't even started. Again we had to wait. Get the food then leave.

Check the bag and sure enough missing our tater tots! I simply call the location I just left, talked to a guy telling him hey I just left there and I didn't get my tater tots. I mentioned to him that the item missing was circled on the detail receipt. He said oh yea that's probably all we were waiting for sorry can you come back?

I said yea I'm on my way I just wanted you to know I'm going back. He said okay. I had my husband go in to just grab them. He came back with Fries!

I didn't order fries! He said they are out of tots and this is all they can give me. I was more upset that the accommodation was less costly than my original request! When I went in to talk to the manager letting her know that fries was not okay with me she said if my order was online or called in when I said Online she was done assisting me.

She said if you want a refund you have to call the customer service. I let her know why was I not contacted about them being out, before order pick up, or when we picked up the order, not when we traveled all the way back to get them that they were out???

That was in no way okay ordering online was meant to make it accommodating to a fast service that I didn't receive. I am not please with the way this system was handled.

User's recommendation: Just dine in.

Location: Bakersfield, California

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