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Alamogordo, New Mexico

On February15th at approximately 5 pm, myself and several family members (6 adults and 2 children) came into your restaurant for dinner after visiting White Sands for the day.

We are all from El Paso and this was the first time I have ever been to Buffalo Wild Wings. There were some complaints from my family about the food being cold and length of time it took to be served. I personally had no complaints about the food, other than it took three or more trips to the kitchen to finally get our group served. My complaint has nothing to do with the service, food or our server whom Im sure did the best he could.

The following comments are what really disappointed myself and family after I explained what had happened.

I went to the server and gave him my credit card and showed him my Disabled Veteran identification and said I will pay for the bill for our group. When we all walked in initially I saw a sign posted on the entrance counter stating a 15% military discount (I did not pay much attention to the fine print). So the server explained to me that did not know the policy on the discount and said that he would ask the manager. Several minutes later the server came to me at the table and said the manager will come over and explain the discount policy.

Moments later I saw a lady walking over asking the server who was the person with the question and pointed at me . I immediately stood up and walked to her because I could tell her expression and body language that she was already upset having to come over and I did not want to make scene at the table. So, we stood in the middle of the dining area and she asked me what is your question and I responded that when we walked in I saw the sign about a 15% for military veterans. This is the point when I was thrown back, she responded in an inappropriate and angry voice, (This is verbatim in a raised voice) You show me where there is a sign that states you get discount everyday.

At that point the issue was over for me and discussing this with her any further was not an option, I asked for her name and she blurted it out to me so I then asked for a business card. She immediately stormed off a few feet and then turned around and said in a raised voice in front of everyone, and I quote, I was going to honor the discount, but Im not going too now. The server returned to the table with your business card, bill and apologized about what had happened. I told the server that he had done a great job and this has nothing to do with him.

Our bill was over a hundred dollars, I signed it and was ready to go when my wife said this is not the ladies name on the card. So I asked the server if he could get me her name an write it on the back of the card. He returned, and the card had her first name on the back (Abriana), so then asked can you have her write her last name. He returned, and in a different hand writing someone wrote (Ortega).

At this point we were all at wits end just wanted to leave. A great end to a very enjoyable day.

Mr. House, the issue of not getting the discount has nothing to do with this complaint at all and I could personally care less. The biggest complaint is the unprofessionalism of your manager that evening and her attitude, that should be representing your establishment.

I do not normally complain or even go through trouble, but you need to be made aware and her behavior to patrons and veterans that I believe needs to addressed. I am over twice her age, disabled veteran whom served this country honorably, work for NASA over 20 years and to be treated with such disrespect is totally uncalled for. This was the worst reaction from a member of management from any establishment I have ever encountered.

My wife spent over 20 years in the restaurant management business and is now retired. She is the one that prompted me to write this letter and also told me from experience that you have probably already been contacted and told a very different version for what actually occurred.

My contact information is below if you have any questions or need clarification on the event. I am not looking for a refund of any type, but maybe a brief explanation as to why she reacted this way, so that I may explain to my family.

This was the subject of discussion, sometimes heated, on the trip back from Alamogordo. Thank for taking the time to read this.


Daniel Thompson

Monetary Loss: $102.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Buffalo Wild Wings Cons: Horrible manager.

Location: 929 S White Sands Blvd, Alamogordo, NM 88310

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unbelievably rude staff


You can't possibly expect anyone to read all of that.

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