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My boyfriend ordered food at 7:02. called in, and asked for a small order of wings and potato wedges.

The store told him it would be ready in 35 mins. He arrives at 7:40 and they tell him itll be another ten minutes. he waits the 10 mins, and his order was not ready until 8:08. he ordered over an hour in advance, and then was told false times TWICE.

Were both very upset with the execution of this order, and we are not happy with the customer service we had to deal with. We honestly are to the point where we dont want to go back anymore because this has happened multiple times.

They need to be taught how to be good and fast in the kitchen and how to get out food in an orderly fashion. We want our money back.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 2386 Taylor Square Drive, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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I would like to point out that I am pissedconsumer183**** NOT 183**** Nice try honey, but every time you make a post the number after pissed consumer changes. It goes by the number of posts on this site not username.

Any more lies you are going to tell? You are the one acting immature not Lunna.


Exactly. Her boyfriend is an abusive jerk.

She needs to stand up for her mother instead of him. She needs to stop trying to get free food because she cannot afford to eat out. I like how people lie and claim the food was terrible, then demand a refund. Honest she should cook for them.

I bet her boyfriend is the type that thinks it is the woman's job to cook. She needs to leave him.

He is teaching her to be a dishonest jerk. Probably none of them have jobs.


Sadly this incident made my boyfriend so angry that he was arrested He was arguing with my mother. He was so angry at them that he punched her in the face .

She called the police and is pressing charges of assault. Ofcourse I will defend him. I love him more. Besides she was asking for it.

She provoked him. It is better for him to hit her rather than me .


You have got to be kidding me. If I had a girlfriend that hit one of my parents we would break up and I would support them.

How could you choose your boyfriend over your own parents. He is just going to hit you next.From the looks of it he has hit you. I agree since you ate the food, you were not entitled to a refund. You are trash, your boyfriend is trash.

Sounds to me like you are a beggar looking for a free handout. GET A JOB.




It is a shame that the manager returned your money. You really are a thief since you ate the food.

Bet you will try the same scam again.

See if there are soup kitchens in your area. They can help people in your situation


i’m sorry but that isn’t me anymore, that’s someone else. and okay, i’m not poor but thank you.


You are not poor, yet you feel the need to eat your food and then demand a refund. If anything you are a scammer, someone who commits fraud.


My boyfriend is in jail because of them. He and my mother started arguing.

He got so angry that he punched her in the face. Ofcourse I took his side.

I love him more. Also I am glad that he didn't hit me.


He should have hit you instead. You are made for each other.

Scammer who cannot afford to eat. I bet your abusive boyfriend lived with mommy until he either beat her or she told him to get his own place and grow up.Both of you need to grow up.


I think you need to be hit so you can shut up!


Why should you get a full refund. You ate the wings.

You accepted them ? If you cannot afford them then do not order them. Visit a soup kitchen if you cannot afford to est out. Cook at home.

You are not entitled to a refund.

You had no issue eating the food and should have no issue paying for it. I am sure that there are charaties to help people in your financial situation.


Lmao, I never said I was poor, so i have no idea where you got that... I can afford food, but I do not want to PAY for food that has been given horribly, and took forever to get.


You ate the food without an issue . You pay without an issue.

Obviously you cannot afford it. If you really found it that bad you would have returned it


I can obviously afford food, I am upset about the execution of my order... Y’all have literally no understanding. Just ain’t till u gotta wait over an hour for your food to be ready, after being promised two different times it would be lmao


If you need to beg for a refund you obviously cannot afford it. If you had no issue eating the food then you should have no issue paying for it.

Obviously it was not that bad. If it were you would have returned it.

You are just a beggar looking for free food. A thief that cannot afford to eat.


haha! I am definitely not a thief, but an angry customer.

You’re extremely rude.. and I can afford food. No need to call people thief’s over the internet.. and you have no idea who I am, or what my story is.

I am definitely not a beggar and I am very generous with my money actually. I am definitely not poor, and I definitely do not look for free food. No need to call someone rude things, when it isn’t even any of your business what went down.

I ended up getting my refund :) and the managers of the store I received my food at were very helpful and understanding, unlike you.. Grow up, and get a life.


i would like to point out that I am pissedconsumer183**** NOT 183**** i have no idea who that is... please do not confuse me with some ***


You need to get your meal that YOU ATE refunded. You sound poor.

If you eat the food pay for it. That simple. IT is people like you who make the world a bad place.If you could afford the food you would not have eaten it.

As stated before if the food was really and issue you would have returned it. You got what you wanted bet you tried the same again.


You did make that post The number always changed. You are a beggar and thief.

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