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This happens on a Friday 09June17. I always buy wings on this place, but I can't believe what I saw that night.

I order to go wings and usually order a glass of beer while waiting in the bar. It was busy that night because of NBA finals, bartender was busy of course. Watching her making cocktails, at some point one of the liqeurs was empty. Took of the pourer and it went to the garbage can.

She picked it up right away and taught she will throw it to the sink to be washed but to my dismay she put it on the new bottle of liquer. WHAT??????? ***!!!! From the trash can????

I keep monitoring her...then saw her scratching her head then turn to the order and make cocktails. What??? I saw her fingers where alcohol and liqeur dripping on her fingers that came from her hair!!!! WTF!!!

I will never order cocktail on this place. (Laurel town center).

Completely disappointed!!! Not sure how the kitchen works.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buffalo Wild Wings Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It stinks you were #triggered! Maybe you will grow a set before you go to another restaurant.

to Anonymous #1410197

What does your comment have to do with their review ?

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