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On Sunday November 6, 2011 an off duty employee of BWW's in Trinity and her boyfriend verbally accosted patrons that were seated on the patio around 5:30 in the evening. I am not sure what started the trouble but the employee kept antagonizing the patrons by playing catch with a rubber ball with her daughter and purposely missing so it would hit them.

The employees boyfriend paced back and forth staring the patrons down daring them to say something. When the patrons tried to make peace and reason with them the boyfriend went ballistic and had to be restrained by other patrons on the patio. Some patrons complained to the manager who showed no eagerness to stop the verbal assault.

The servers should have cut this guy off sooner and the management should not have allowed this of duty employee to in intimidate their guest. The Managers know better< I have seen this behavior from this off duty in the past, not good for this store.

Review about: Buffalo Wild Wings Manager.

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News flash BWW regularly monitors these sites adding their comments disguised as a consumer, downplaying consumer complaints. True non customer centric approach.

How may complaints on here got resolved By BWW....NONE! The local and "regional" management dosent give a *** about physically hurting a paying, frequent customer.1 st time shame on BWW, SECOND TIME shame on ME for trusting "Joe's" BS they would "coach" exact same "round" female manager.

Have fun, call "Joe" their "regional manager" who doubtfully made it through grade school. True red neck flame him 270-366-1383 if you enjoy dealing with a honest to god ***.

I complained now to corporate TWICE, yes this is the second "incident".Basically they let the local *** "Joe" handle it both times, who no doubt is an inbred relative of the *** manager who refused me medical attention after searing my mouth and offered me PURE SUGAR as an "antidote" after acknowledging I'm diabetic Ty II. Btw the "error" in the wings they served caused an instant 100 point jump in my blood sugar, which I've sucessfully controlled for 8 years, UNTIL THAT LITTLE EPISODE...morons.

No apology, nothing.Greedy, non customer centric losers

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