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Not satisfied with the breading on the chicken sandwich after tasting it, asked to speak to a manager to remove the sandwich in exchange for another meal or just remove it please wasn't what I expected. The manger on duty PAKSTON,she walked up rude and before finishing the sentence she says interrupting me rudely,"I'M NOT TAKING IT OFF.

IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT ,ITS NOT MY ISSUE,. IF SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH IT I WOULD BUT ITS NOT. I THEN SAID THE BREADING IS NASTY THO,I'll order something else just take the sandwich off.PAKSTON ,THEN SAID WELL NO, IM TAKING IT OFF AND WALKED AWAY.. Not an apology for me not being satisfied or trying to make sure that I taking care of properly as a manger should do representing a multi million dollar company.

She was very very RUDE, AND NO CUSTOMER should be spoken to in that manner. I s demand to speak to someone over her!!! When I told others about this situation,they replied she does that to customers, and SHE STILL HAS A JOB???!! WOW??!

I WILL PUT THIS story on all my social medias and the store address where this accured. To let others know of the type of service you get at BUFFALO WILD WINGS!!!

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

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I put myself through college waiting tables and I have never understood a person's mentality in thinking a restaurant should take a financial hit just because customer didn't like what they ordered". I fully support the manager's refusal to comp your meal. I remember one Thai restaurant I worked at had to put on their menu that their was restaurant was NOT the place to try something new because there would be no refunds or comped food, just because you didn't like.the dish.


* Not comp your meal *

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