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August 18, 2015 I decided to take my mother, sister and friend to Buffalo Wild Wings in Speedway, IN for a birthday lunch. We questioned the waitress regarding how many wings we will receive if we order the lunch special ( order traditional wings and a side item).

Waitress stated 5 wings. We all agreed to the special and proceeded with our order. Shortly after receiving our lunch the waitress came to the table with a box telling us that we received five extra wings by mistake. The waitress stated that if we didn't want to pay for the five extra wings then we need to place them in the box now.

We were stunned that in the middle of our lunch, due to their mistake they had the nerve to request wings back. My guest placed the five extra wings into the box, questioning the waitress, what is she going to do with those wings besides throw them away. The waitress carried the wings to the back toward the kitchen. 5-10 minutes later the waitress approach our table trying to give us back the wings she asked us for earlier.

By then we had demanded to speak with the manager.The manager didn't come out but the so called general manager did "Alissa Cook". Alissa stated that she was not aware of the situation but she will speak with the manager regarding what took place. Smh...Really! Alissa was in the kitchen with staff while they were laughing regarding the situation.

She stated that on the next visit ask for her and she can guarantee that we will be taken care of. We immediately asked for to go boxes and bags. I was then handed a $51.51 bill. This is a location that need major management skills.

If the manager is no good, then the employees will follow suit and be no good as well. I use to faithfully eat at this location but after this you have lost my business along with others. Horrible experience.

Very unhappy with this location and feel that they need to be exposed more for the horrible service they rendered myself and family. Ruined our birthday lunch.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of buffalo wild wings. Buffalo Wild Wings needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1197842

Oh cry me a river!! You actually made the birthday person pay for his/her own lunch ? Now THAT is a ripoff!!


first of all you're really cheap. You should be thankful the waitress was cool enough to split the bill in 4 people.

You all aimed for a cheap deal on sale, then you still want to split the bill in 4 people. I've been a waitress before, that takes forever to do. Second of all, if they did give you extra wings mistakenly, don't complain about it. If you are so upset about her wanting to take the wings, then you should've paid for em to prevent the embarrassment of her taking them away during your meal.

If not then the right thing to do is return what you're not paying for. They were actually nice enough to give you back the wings and not charge you. Only thing I can agree with you is she should've approached different.

But other than that, I wouldn't be wasting my time arguing or posting this. Sounds like you're just trying to get freebies since you're so cheap and just order the special and split the bill!


Did you expect a free lunch after they made a big deal over $2.00 worth of wings? LOL

I would complain to corporate on this one.

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