I went to the BWW restaurant in south Lincoln Nebraska for the fourth time with a friend and her mother. My friend and I are in our sixties and her mother is almost ninety.

For the first time ever, we were told we had to show our IDs to get a beer. I understand the need to ID young customers, but really, they couldn't tell we were over 21? I feel this was an invasion of privacy. We asked to speak to the manager and were told this is their policy.

If it's their policy, why have I never been ID'd before in the last 25 years of going to BWW? This is absolutely ridiculous and we will not be back.

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Since when you need an ID just to eat in F%@#* BW???

This happend to me today.

First and last time in this "company".

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1213937

Maybe they were asking or ID because you were acting immature as you are doing on this review?

Carlsbad, New Mexico, United States #1066151

Just got IDed in Carlsbad NM. I'm 58.

Gave them my drivers lisence and they would not serve me because my bar strip on back would not read on there scanner. WTF


Let's make this clear. First, you have to have your license to drive.

If you don't have it, that's kind of irresponsible. If you're driving, it's illegal. Also, as a server in Lincoln, I ID everyone. That IS in fact Bdubs policy.

If you're under 21, I will not serve you. If your ID is expired, I don't give a *** how old you are, I will not serve you. You're five dollar beer is not worth my job and any future job I get.

PS: it's a law in Lincoln. Anywhere that isn't carding you is breaking it.


This is an "american" thing and is really ignorant. Where is the common sense in this country?!

Dickinson, North Dakota, United States #945604

My wife and I went to the new BWW in dickinson nd , we r both in our fifties , we were carded I had my id she didn't they would not serve her, this is there corporate rule so the waitress stated. I asked for the mgr and she also would not bend and serve my wife.

All I can say is they must have been fined many times for serving minors we clearly were over . I don't know of any other establishment that has this *** rule.

We won't be back! People in Dickinson, ND boycott BWW!


People being carded (especially older folks being carded). BWW is typically a youngers persons hang out.

BWW likes their income from serving underage patrons. They've been busted may times all over the US for this practice. Carding older folks is another one of their lame cover ups for bad & illegal practices. "See we card (some) people"...get it!

News flash BWW regularly monitors these sites adding their comments disguised as a consumer, downplaying consumer complaints. True non customer centric approach. How may complaints on here got resolved By BWW....NONE! The local and "regional" management dosent give a *** about physically hurting a paying, frequent customer.

1 st time shame on BWW, SECOND TIME shame on ME for trusting "Joe's" BS that they would "coach" exact same "round" female manager.

Have fun, call "Joe" their "regional manager" who doubtfully made it through grade school. True red neck 270-366-1383 if you enjoy dealing with a honest to god ***. I complained now to corporate TWICE, yes this is the second "incident".Basically they let the local *** "Joe" handle it both times, who no doubt is an inbred relative of the *** manager who refused me medical attention after searing my mouth and offered me PURE SUGAR as an "antidote" after acknowledging I'm diabetic Ty II.

Btw the "error" in the wings they served caused an instant 100 point jump in my blood sugar, which I've sucessfully controlled for 8 years, UNTIL THAT LITTLE EPISODE...morons.

No apology, nothing. Greedy, non customer centric losers

Corvallis, Oregon, United States #759638

Who made up the rule that we have to carry id any time we are outside of our house. This is not a police state and we do not have nattional ID cards.

I was just carded at a BWW. I'm in my 50's. In a restaurant the purpose of id is to prevent underage drinking. Obviously I was not underage.

I watched several other people my age have to leave Buffalo Wild Wings because they didn't have id with them. How does carding people in their 40's and up prevent underage drinking?

This incident took place in Corvallis, Oregon.

to Anonymous #759664

Not sure about all states and counties, but I happen to know the under-cover Liquor and Gaming licensing inspector for Benton, Lincoln and local areas. When Inspectors are in plain clothes out and about and catch any grocery store or restaurant, etc, catch them neglecting to check I.D.s, those establishments could pay a huge fine and lose their liquor license!

No joke.

So they are just trying to abide by the law! Don't be a crotchety haagg and just show your fkkcing ID, you Oregon Beaver

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #707863

Take it as a compliment. At my location we ID anyone who looks like they are under 40!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #681358

We ID is posted everwhere. So just becouse you look old that gives you right not to have to show ID.

By law you have to have ID on you at all times out of your home.

How hard was it to get it out. Get over yourself.


You did not need a beer, it looks like you were drunk when posting this. They don't need your money and don't care if someone as silly as you goes back or not.


You should be flattered. :zzz

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