Every Buffalo wild wings that I have been to serves partially filled draft beers. They have an eloborate full page explanation in their drink menu as to why they serve their beers with so much head and they even have a picture of the perfectly poured beer.

The picture shows about a finger or two of head and about the same amount of crown (the portion above the rim of the glass). However, when they pour the beer they serve it without the crown. When the head settles in the tall pilsner glasses that are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, your beer just went from 22 oz to approximately 18 oz.

They consistently do this on every beer they pour. What a scam!

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I proper draft beer has a head, deal with it.


Its amazing that they go to all the trouble to explain how a head contributes to the whole beer experience. I am typically drinking a Bud Light for Gods sake. It's simply a scam to save money.


Has anyone watched Bar Rescue with John Taffer? It's not just a BWW thing.

Peoria, Arizona, United States #1344593

It's 2017 and nothing has changed. Short pours....welcome to franchise world of bend you over.


Just went in today and was told that policy is one inch and they gave me 2-1/2 from the top and the manager simply did not care so I told him I don't want it they are saving tons of money and stealing by doing this Chicago il


I stopped going to BWW because of this issue. I had overheard bartenders there refuse to top off the beer to a reasonable level due to company policy.

Everyone I know that drinks beer prefers to have it filled almost to the rim with some light foam on top.

I don't need bartenders trained by a corporation to tell me that I don't know how to drink beer. I suggest going on some of the popular restaurant review sites and letting the world know your preference.

Westwood, New Jersey, United States #992791

I had a tall beer at BWW this past weekend and I was served with a head of approx 2 inches of foam. I quickly said to the bartender, before she put it down, could she top it off so there wasn't so much foam. Sometimes you have to speak up and not take it....

to Anonymous #1089509

you failed to mention how the bartender rolled her eyes and said "corporate policy is an inch of foam at the top".


It's an inch of head. Which is the basic amount when pouring a tall draft beer at any restaurant, a pint requires a half inch. The beers are poured into a 22 ounce glass and talls are advertised as being a 20 ounce beer, accounting for the "missing two ounces." Unless you're going to a dive bar with no knowledge on how to properly pour a beer, they will give you this same answer.


BWW is the only place I know of that has to explain why they pour their beers with so much head. If they were not ripping people off, then there would be no reason to explain how to pour a beer.

What is worse is that they don't even pour their beers like their explanation and photograh show. I agree, a perfectly poured beer does have a head.

However, the head should extend above the rim of the glass so that when it settles you are left with a nearly full beer. What a rip off at BWW.


They are consistent everywhere at short pours. Having a head on the beer is fine, just sell it as an 18 oz beer and charge appropriately. It's not a 22 oz beer, as served.


I've been to aa dozen buffalo wild wings and they always short pour by way of too much head (giggity). It's annoying and I always feel like I'm getting ripped off.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #771480

If one wants to make the argument that having a head on the beer enhances flavor fine. But BW3 brings the beer far after the head has disipated and looks like you are being shorted on your purchase.

Wappingers Falls, New York, United States #720016

I observed the same thing at the poughkeepsie wild wings . Strange how responses to this observation would range from everyone does it to stay at home. What about just fill the glass bww?

Muenster, Texas, United States #715447
It is actually a standard and yes beer has head. If you're jus looking for a cheap drunk stay home and buy a case.

If you'd like to properly enjoy the experience and flavor of drinking a beer. Then go to BWW. The pilsner glasses are specifically designed for BWWs only. All the way down to the buffalo etched bottom to allow carbonation flow.

But hey what to I know I'm jus a bartender there....did you even read the back of the beer menu? 8)
to mhmm #1024129

Normally I post BS comments on this site, but this has to STOP! Come on everyone, let's head over to change.org and create a petition to stop this madness.

We demand full glasses of beer!

But seriously, your explanation is a bit like someone measuring their member by laying a ruler along the top side instead of the bottom side. Yeah, it might be a technically correct measurement but as soon as someone gets it in their mouth they'll realize that they're missing an inch or two.


Wow. Learn a little about beer before posting.

A proper beer pour has head. They are doing it right.


It's because they train their bartenders, servers or whoever to pour partially filled beer glasses. They are pouring them exactly how they were trained to so that BWW can make more profit.

What a rip off. I drink beer at many different places and this is the only place that consistently serves a less than full glass.

I understand the perfect head thing. They don't do that either.


it's because they don't hire bartenders, they train servers to bartend. So they are being trained by other people who also don't know how to bartend. Also, if they do happen to have a decent bartender who can pour a beer, often servers will leave drinks sitting in the window for a moment or so, while clearing a table, picking up your food, or refilling your wife's diet coke for the 800th time, and during this time lapse, the head collapses and the beer looks less full than it should.

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