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Yeah Toms River again! we got a problem with our restraunts! I'm talking about buffalo's wild wings last night. I went hear to eat a comfortable affordable and tasy meal only to be treated like a goat at the slaughter house. 5 people at my table and no room for what they offere me. I Eat here becaUSE I LIKE TO PLAY GAMES WHEN I EAT AND MY HOUSE DOESNT HAVE A GAME except in a different room and BuffLO'S WILDwings offers many games that are all in one electronic machine. My servers, a youmnger lady in a football jersey, #82, was nice enough to offer us and then she was able to give us each a table top game so we could play games while we eat our meal in comfort.

well well well, first of all, after we each ordered dinner, there wasNO ROOM FOR OUR FOOD AND OUR GAMES! why offer games, if your tables are too small to enjoy them while we enjoy dinner. You r Asian Zing wings were. But then I called my server, I forgot her name, but she was in #82 so i called by her number like in football on TV (good idea buffalo's wild wings!!) and she didnt even hear me. Delicisous though I like the spice and the TANG.. that swhy i order Asian Zing. But what good is good wings if i have to keep the plate on my lap so I can play with the touch screened games. My wife never used the gam,es before and she likes them.

so I dont mean to mean but i am a pssd consumer!!!!!! and peolpe need to know about this kind of things. Buffalo's wild wings, hear me! your food is good espceially your asian zing and your dry rub. I woul dgladly spend my money fo ryour wonderful and delicious meals. But i dont work in a factory all day so i can be packed into a table thats not big enough to accumulate the food and games fun you offer everyone. I can text on my iphone too, but while I'm driving i use voice system because my car is able to understand my voice. In my old car i couldnt do that, but now i make more moeny so i can get the one that understands my voice. So when I aksed Siri if your establishment offers games she said yes. but did not mention how smooshed id be while playing.

i also didnt appreciate the waitress, #82 acting like she doesnt understand me. Maybe use a different method to indentify your servers! Because they are not smart enough to work your number system. I thought it was very smart. your servers are not ready for that though, even though it is on theorie an efficient method because it is easy to see there number than to remember there name.

I will be back only for take out until your tables are big enough for me to realx and be able to play wirth your games.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $32. Bort is overall dissatisfied with Buffalo Wild Wings and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about buffalo wild wings waiter at Buffalo Wild Wings was small tables , but reviewer liked wings. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Just an FYI my man the restaurant was established in 1982!! They did not give YOUR server a specific number for you to shout out when you felt like you wanted to call upon her.

Secondly how can you dare say they are not smart enough for that system when (LOL) its NOT a system and your entire review was horrendous to even try and navigate through to read smarty-pants! Just sayin.


This has happened to me before too. Don't forget that robbing half of the table space is that giant condiment station which holds like 15 different menus.

One time I put it down on the floor and a little kid tripped on it. HAHA. He didn't get hurt much but his family finally left and we could get some peace and quiet. I told my server, I think #13, that the menus work better than fences!

HAHAHA. I only go to buffalo wild wings on Tuesday or Thursday for cheap wings. I usually get 4-7 flavors so they all come out in separate dishes.

When you're with 3 other big guys doing the same thing we run out of room. Time for an upgrade BW3


i had a similar problem at my local buffalo wild wings here in maryland im a heavy hitter (large man) i always thought i was too big for the table come to realize after this review the tables are small and i do enjoy a game while i eat but no way i could fit it on the table maybe they should build the game into the table so i could have a wing in one hand and play the game with the other without worrying dropping a chicken wing. so maybe someone from coperate will see this review. your the real hero bort for this review

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